Why Bromeliads?
In this recession, many people are looking for ways to save money.  One way to save a lot of money on your landscape is through the use of bromeliads (BRO-MILL-EE-AD).  Bromeliads are basically air plants that grow in the ground, on trees, and even on rocks!  They have been used in landscaping for years in the greater Miami area, but here in Southwest Florida  they haven’t quite hit the scene yet.  At Seabreeze Palms, we are aiming to change that…
Bromeliads have many benefits:
(in most tropical, sub-tropical, & Mediterranean climates)
 -Zero water
 -Zero fertilizer
 -Zero maintenance
 -Zero pest or disease problems
 -Full sun or shade (most varieties)
 -Grow in almost any soil
 -Beautiful foliage year-round
 -They multiply every year or two
 -Available in all colors and sizes
Fire Your Lawn Guys!
If you live in Southwest Florida, your bushes and hedges are likely: Gardenia, Mexican Petunia, Dwarf Arboricola, Oleander, Alamanda, Fire Bush, or other leafy plants.  These plants are used by landscapers because they are cheap, locally available, and require trimming, fertilizer, and pest control.  All of these factors lead to more profits for landscapers and lawn guys which means more money out of your pocket.  Let’s look at the average cost of a standard “leafy” bush and a comparable bromeliad.  For this comparison, we will say there are 50 plants in your landscape (not including trees, grass, vines, etc.)