Project Description

After completing an interior office remodel that came out terrific, the owner reached out to us. He wanted to create an equally-appealing landscape by modernizing the look and reducing overall maintenance costs. Old, outdated plants were removed and replaced with tropical low-maintenance plants including:

-Red, purple, and orange bromeliads (tropical air plants from South America)
-Bottle Palms (Hyophorbe vershaffeltii) and Montgomery Palms (Veitchia arecina) both able to store water in their trunks to sustain periods of drought
-Ornamentals such as Variegated flax lily, FL native Cocoplum, and Hibiscus trees
-This commercial landscape has no grass. It only needs to be maintained 4 times per year saving the owner thousands on maintenance.

Here is what the owner had to say…

“Had a complete redesign of my office landscape and these guys were creative, flexible, fast and professional. All the plants and trees were in great shape and the final product looks amazing.” -Tim C.