NOTE: The majority of palm trees around the world live in Zones 10a through 11.  Thus, most people associate palm trees with a feeling of the tropics, the jungle, or the rainforest.  Whereas, hardwood trees and “leafy” trees are known to grow in colder climates such as seasonal ones (lose their leaves in Fall, etc.).  All palm trees are evergreen, meaning they don’t drop their leaves every year.  However, some palms can be grown in cooler climates than they’re used to.  In these climates, they may lose their healthy leaves (defoliate) and then push new growth out of the center when the weather warms up.  However, if too much damage is done by the cold, the palm may not grow back.

Cold-Hardiness Zones: These zones correspond
to the lowest temperature a particular region reaches.
Zone 11    40deg F    Tropical Rainforest/Jungle
Zone 10b  35deg F    Sub-Tropical Rainforest
Zone 10a  30deg F    Dry Sub-Tropical Climate
Zone 9b    25deg F    Mediterranean Climate
Zone 9a    20deg F    Inland Mediterranean Climate
Zone 8b    15deg F    Desert Climate
Zone 8a    10deg F    Inland/High Desert Climate
Zone 7b     5deg F     Woodland/Forest Climate
Zone 7a     0deg F     Cold
Zone 6b    -5deg F     Cold
Zone 6a   -10deg F    Freezing
Zone 5b   -15deg F    Freezing