Summit Church, Estero Commercial Landscape Upgrade

We approached this church about upgrading their old, outdated landscape.  They liked our design and our plant material so they had us go ahead with the main planter in front of their primary building.  Our upgrade utilized the existing Ixora hedge which we felt was doing well (just needed fertilizer) and also a couple of Pigmy Date Palms (Phoenix roebellinii).  In front of this hedge we added a bunch of color including:

-Red, purple, and orange bromeliads (tropical air plants from South America)

-Dwarf Bird of Paradise (Streletzia sp.)

-Ornamentals such as Variegated flax lily, Cordylines

-Loulou Palms (Pritchardia hillebrandii) native to Molokai, Hawaii

The resulting landscape has a bit of a Mediterranean feel, but with a nice splash of color and reduced maintenance costs as far as trimming, fertilizing, irrigating, and pest control.



Loulou Palms are restricted to a single island-outcrop off the coast of Molokai where they coat the entire surface of the tiny outcrop.  Click here to see a stunning picture of the island.

If you are interested in attending services at Summit Church, you can visit their website for service times.  Summit Church, Estero Commercial Landscape Upgrade by Seabreeze Landscape Services, specializing in residential and commercial landscaping in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties, FL.


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