Riverside Club- downtown Ft. Myers high rise landscape upgrade


After interviewing FIVE landscaping companies, the landscape committee at Riverside Club selected Seabreeze Landscaping to take on their complete landscape upgrade.  We were excited to find out that this is the first high-rise that was built in the city of Ft. Myers back in the mid 1900’s.  In an effort to honor the classic look and appeal of the building, we selected certain palm trees and plants that would modernize the landscape appeal, while holding true to the classic architecture of ambiance of the building.  Some of the plants in the pictures include:

-Nice fat Bottle Palms (Hyophorbe lagencaulis) in the parking lot planter

-Traveler’s Palms (Ravenala madagascariensis) in front of the building that will achieve color and size

-Native Royal Palms (Roystonea regia) in the back recessed areas of the building as well as naturalized Coconut Palms (Cocos nucifera) along the river.  Both species will endure the windy conditions along the water.

-Bromeliads, False Agave, Cycads from Mexico, and other hardy plants compliment the look and complete the bed plantings.

Supplemental services that we offered gave the client a comfort level going forward.   These include: a wet-check by our irrigation subcontractor, a free follow-up maintenance in three months, and possible on-going quarterly maintenance to make sure everything does well long term.



Just walking distance from this high rise- downtown Ft. Myers, FL offers a wide range of eating and activities for the family.  You can find out what’s going on by visiting the River District Alliance.

Riverside Club- downtown Ft. Myers high rise landscape upgrade by Seabreeze Landscape Services, specializing in residential and commercial landscaping in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties, FL.

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