Fort Myers Beach School

A Ft. Myers beach resident began a crusade to start up a Jacaranda Festival on the beach as a tribute to the beautiful Jacaranda Tree native to Australia.  One of the places she incorporated into the vision was the Ft. Myers Beach School.  Seabreeze Landscape Services delivered and installed about a dozen Jacaranda trees as eager students had a blast helping out!  It helped raise awareness for botany and horticulture among both the students and teachers.  The Fort Myers Beach School should benefit from their shade and beauty for years to come!

Two years later, we were hired again to design a landscape upgrade for the school.  This time we were able to utilize more of our creativity!  We began with some crushed shell ground cover for a “beachy look” and topped it off with some large red bromeliads, variegated flax, and other low-maintenance plants and trees.  The finished look was met with lots of excitement and interest by the little on-lookers!


We exist to add value and appeal to homes and businesses by modernizing the look and functionality of the landscape. We believe in saving people money on water, fertilizer, pest control, maintenance, and future plant replacement costs by utilizing the best varieties of palms and plants in the industry. The result is increased property values, reduced monthly expenses, and less negative impact on our South Florida ecosystem.

Fort Myers Beach School Jacaranda Trees Installed by Seabreeze Landscape Services, Ft. Myers, FL specializing in landscape design and installation in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties.  Horticulturists on staff to create a custom residential or commercial landscape that fits your needs.


We sell out of our Ft. Myers nursery to landscapers, contractors, nurserymen, and others who are in the business.  Call our Field Supervisor at (239) 895-3115 to arrange an appointment.

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